急! 法签被拒,白本理由389,明天准备二签,求分析助攻

2023-03-13 12:41:07
Letter of explanation
Dear Visa Officer,
My name is XXX and my passport NO. is XXX. My first visa application was rejected in XX。, 2018. I take the liberty of writing to you to make an explanation on the reasons why I was rejected. Thank you for your patience to read the letter.
About expenses:
1. I paid XXXXRMB for the round-trip ticket between Shanghai and Paris in June when I began to plan my travel in France. Bus tickets from Paris to Marseille and Marseille to Nice were paid in September.
2. My accommodation reservations cost me totally €XXX / XXXX RMB, and my daily budget besides accommodation is €80/ 630.54RMB, so the total fee I need to pay is about €XXXX/XXXXRMB. Then I would like to show you the records of my debit card. There is about 23000 RMB balance in the card, so my savings can afford my trip in France. I have a MasterCard card with a limit of 15000RMB as well.
About my trip:
France is a fantastic and romantic country to me. The history and art of France impressed me so deeply that I choose France as my first destination of my abroad trip, and I have prepared for my trip of France for months. I am sorry that my itinerary of the previous application is too tight, so I optimize the plan for a better experience. I will arrive Paris in Dec. 23, 2018 and stay in Paris for 3 days to visit the historical attractions and beautiful scenery such as Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame de Paris, Arch of Triumph, Seine River and Eiffel Tower. I will try the nice food and excellent dessert in Paris. I will drink a cup of coffee in CAFE DE FLORE to experience the coffee culture. After that I will go on my trip to southern France on Christmas Day. Both the castles and seashore of Marseille and Nice will set me relaxed. Though it’s something cold in winter, I still want to walk along Promenade Des Anglais to feel the romantic and exotic atmosphere of southern France. After staying in Marseille and Nice for 4 days, I will take the flight from Nice to Paris in Dec. 30. Then I will take the flight from Paris to Shanghai in the next day.
About me:
I have a happy family. My grandfather lives with my parents, and my brother got married two years ago and moved into his own house. As parents aged, I take the responsibility to take care of them. I don’t live with my family because I work in XXX where is XXX kilometers away from home. I rent an apartment near my company so I can arrive company quickly. As you can see in the attachments, I just prolonged my renting recently. I love my family and we take family portrait every year. I will bring my families members gifts. I also have a cat whose name is Angela. I feel very lucky to adopt him when he was a baby cat. Now he is 1.5 years old and very cute. I love him very much. One of my friend will help me take care of him during my leave. I have worked for XXXXX Co., Ltd. since April as a XXX. I worked hard in the past months and finished two projects successfully, so I get a chance to have a short rest. My boss is kind and allows me to take the annual leave from Dec. 22, 2018 to Jan. 1, 2019. I love my work because I have learnt a lot from it. Besides, there is an opportunity of salary raise which I am striving for. I graduated from XXXX with a bachelor’s degree of XXX in 2017, and I can travel in France with the help of English together with Google translate. I will use some apps like Google Map, Paris Metro, Tripadvisor to help myself with the trip.
I will come back to XXX on time to continue my career, live with my lovely cat and share my experience of France with friends. The purpose of my trip is tourism only. I live a happy life with dignity in China and I have many friends in China while I have no friends in France, so that I will not stay in France after trip.
Please feel free to contact my company (XXX-XXXXXX) on workday, or contact
me (XXXXXXXX) anytime to ask questions or arrange an interview. Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to have a nice trip.

Yours Sincerely,

2、扫了一眼你解释信前几句觉得有点儿诡异,“ I take the liberty of writing to you to make an explanation on the reasons why I was rejected.”这句让人看着很有压迫感,像是从哪里抄来的。如果是我会开门见山地针对签证中心要求的申请材料一一作出应答,书信风格会更为正式些,那些法国很浪漫、你很喜欢之类的话略微提到就好,不必长篇大论去抒情,用材料的事实和数据说话最重要!

去年毕业,今年4月份就换工作,简而言之,每项工作均不满半年,可以认为工作对你的约束力不大。虽然大家都说解释信太长没有必要,可也可以从中看出一些端倪:哥哥结婚,却不得不要你在xxx km之外照顾你的父母家人,这一条逻辑上说不通;虽然国外观念,宠物是家人没错,可基于以上的不可靠因素,你再说你1.5岁的猫需要你照顾,说服力不强,如果他是一只10岁的老猫,你再说你和他彼此离不开,才可信


工资流水太少 ,现存减分。没有申根要求的医疗保险单。还需要所有签证的复印件和护照首尾页复印件。



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